The Doctors’ Rheum

I recently discovered a new medblog.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” — Lao-tzu, Chinese Philosopher, 604-531 BC

After months and months of reading health, nutrition, exercise, diet and medical blogs, the itch to create one for myself has developed. Enter, “The Doctors’ Rheum.” As a Rheumatologist, I talk a lot with my patients about many tips, tricks and techniques for losing weight, exercising, eating healthier, as well as how to decipher all the hundreds of medical sites out there. I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite bloggers out there, help search out accurate and informative infomation and even occasionally let you in on my own health and wellness journey. Sometimes that thousand mile journey seems overwhelming, but usually just taking the first step starts you on your way.

The About page:

Every day, friends, family and patients ask my opinion about medical topics in the news. Will that supplement help me? How can I get more exercise? Should I get that vaccine? What do you think about health care reform? And on and on and on. The internet and health blogs are wonderful resources for education and I decided to start a blog to share information with you and to comment on the questions you bring to me. I talk a lot with my patients about health in general. We discuss food, nutrition, exercise, healthy habits. I also love to cook, follow food bloggers and hope you will enjoy a mix of wellness topics here in The Doctors’ Rheum.

Board certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology (the care of arthritis and other bone, muscle and joint disorders), I see daily how lifestyle changes can positively impact the lives of my patients.

Looking forward to reading more!


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