Physician Blogs

There are a plethora of MedBlogs.  Here are a few of the ones I like to read.

Dr. Synonymous
In My Humble Opinion
A Country Doctor Writes
WhiteCoat’s Call Room
Edwin Leap
Doctor Grumpy In the House
The Examining Room of Doctor Charles
Family Medicine Rocks
Better Health

Blogs by Rheumatologists

All Joints Considered
Dr. Irwin Lim
The Blog of Paul Sufka M.D.
Dr. Ronan Kavanaugh
Dr. S. Akerkar
El Blog de Carvica
Le site de la rhumatologie AP-HP Saint-Antoine

Out-of-Commission Rheumy Blogs

The Doctor’s Rheum
Aspirations of a Joint Doc

4 thoughts on “Physician Blogs

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