Thanks for stopping by.  Originally, I wanted to provide a place where patients could learn about RA and related issues.  This site will be a cross between informational website & personal blog.

Here are a few things about me:

I was diagnosed with Raynauds at age ten, thus my liking for warm socks.


I like to play my guitar & violin.

Violins & Guitars

I have degrees in both mathematics and linguistics.

I have worked as a technical writer and as a junior high school teacher.  Teaching is more fun; writing pays better.

 I freelance on occasion, designing custom databases or doing technical writing.

I am a Christian.

I alternate between refusing to let RA change who I am, and it defining my every moment of existence.
It’s not who I am, but it affects everything I do.

I like to read, grow vegetables, sew, and make cold-process soap.

Our family has three alpacas,
four  three  four  five  four  five four some horses,
23  54  50  24  28   20  13  39 a small flock of ducks,
and 5  11  19 15 a small herd of cows.
Since I was raised a city-girl, this has been quite a change for me!

I like to spin yarn from the alpaca fiber and turn it into knitted garments (mostly socks).

Horses grazing  Ducks  New calf  Alpacas Pasture

Recently a few people who I know 3D have found this blog.  Please respect the fact that I write anonymously here; you are welcome (encouraged) to leave comments as long as you don’t reveal my identity or location (nothing more specific than Western WA).

I can be contacted by email:   warmsocks.blogquestions@gmail.com
Please note that including numerous links in email will probably result in my ISP routing your message to my spam filter, where it might sit for months before being discovered.

Diagnoses & Treatment

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Warm Socks,

    I am so excited to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have seen your adorable sock picture on other blogs. I bet your socks are super cozy. You spin your own yarn and knit your own socks. How crafty is that? So now I am reading about you and discovering many similarities. I totally love that you have animals. I am an animal nut.

    You have an incredible blog. Some of you guys absolutely blow me away. Such a wealth of information on your blogs.

    I look forward to reading more on your blog.

  2. I look forward to making friends with some kindred spirits on here. I have no blog, just a penchant and hobby for reading the health blogs of other folks and occasionally making comments or throwing in my 2 cents worth.

  3. Hi Warm Socks! I am glad you put the list of blogs on here! I always am looking for more information and find the best comes from fellow rheum fighters! I have only been dx’d for a year and advice from others helps me tons! Your blogs are great! Thanks for compiling the list!!

  4. Hey Socks,
    Stumbled upon your blog while researching Voltaren gel. So glad I did! I will follow this (and your recipe blog) for sure. Also from Western WA with Raynauds, Sjorgrens and RA and OA. Also work as an Accountant (more money) but preferred being a school librarian (more fun). Good luck with your writing and wrangling the RA.

  5. Hi Warm Socks,

    I work for a production company in London and I’m trying to get in touch with you about one of your clips on YouTube that we’d like to use in one of our shows. Can you send me an email on phyllida.o’neil@octoberfilms.co.uk so that I can explain more and discuss a fee for the use of it please?


  6. Hi there! I am curious to hear more about your rash. I too have RA [along with Hashimoto’s] and a spreading rash near my left knee on the front of my thigh. I am thinking it is nummular eczema but I am not sure. Do you have a picture of your rash posted anywhere?

    • Sorry, I think I just posted the one picture. Check PubMed for photos of various rashes. I’d check psoriasis, photosensitivity, nummular eczema (also called discoid dermatitis, also called other permutations of those four words), and lupus. Good luck.

  7. Hi Warmsocks. I couldn’t find a contact, so apologies for bunging this ine here… So great to see people blogging and helping each other out in this worldwide autoimmunity epidemic! Please bear with me if you don’t know me… I am not selling anything or taking advantage in any way. I suffered horribly with psoriatic arthritis and other autoimmune issues, but rejected medication and decided to go my own way with it, studying and experimenting for years until I succeeded in reversing it. This book is my story from diagnosis to success with all the crazy wrong turns and magical discoveries that happened in between (with a foreword by well-known neurosurgeon and biohacker Dr. Jack Kruse). I’d like to just let you know that it is FREE on Amazon Kindle for the next three days from the 26th, so if you’d like a copy, go and grab one. I really hope that my story inspires, and if you’d like to leave an honest review, I’d be very grateful.

    Link below to Amazon US, but it is available in all territories.


    Kind regards,

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