This is pronounced zoo-todd, and was thus dubbed by one of my children who couldn’t say saute’ed zucchini.


We like to pick zucchini when it’s still young and tender (slightly larger than a hotdog); the ones you find in the grocery store are usually a bit large.  Wash the zucchini, then slice.  I usually quarter the slices because smaller pieces cook more quickly, and are easier for little kids.

Heat skillet.  Grease pan well, and add slices of zucchini (usually 2 zucchini per pan).  Periodically stir so that both sides get cooked.  Slight browning is desirable.  Sprinkle with salt or garlic salt.  When cooked, remove to serving dish and saute the next batch.  We usually serve two zucchini per person.

Variation:  dice a couple cloves of garlic and add garlic to the pan immediately before the zucchini.


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