Cherry Rice Pudding

Cook 1-1/2 cups rice (in 4 cups water; could be cooked in milk, if desired)


4 duck eggs (if you use chicken eggs, add an extra)
1 C honey or sugar
3 C cream or Rice Dream
2 tsp almond extract

Place mixture in a large bowl (I use my Tupperware that’s-a-bowl).  Stir in rice and 4 cups chopped, pitted cherries.  Pour into greased 3-quart casserole.  Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 90 minutes.  Takes only 60 minutes if divided into two smaller portions – sometimes (when everyone’s hungry and impatient) I remove the large pan from the oven at 65 minutes, we remove servings from the edge of the pan, then return the remainder to the oven to finish cooking the center.

This can be mixed ahead and held overnight in the refrigerator, to be baked in the morning.


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