Dear Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy

Your “service” stinks and I hate you!

If I take a prescription to my local pharmacy before 8 p.m., the pharmacist orders my meds and I can pick them up the next day. Simple, straightforward, reasonable.

Your pharmacy, Walgreens, is a different story.  After speaking with your representative, I faxed you my prescription on Wednesday afternoon.  You should have phoned me promptly to arrange delivery of my meds. What happened?

  • Wednesday:  nothing
  • Thursday:  nothing
  • Friday:  nothing
  • Weekend: nothing
  • Monday: you contacted my doctor

Why would you contact my doctor on Monday when you were supposed to contact me last Wednesday? Will you be compensating my doctor’s office for the time they must expend in dealing with your ineptitude?

I am only ordering from you because my insurance refuses to pay my local pharmacy, and I can’t afford $3,000 every four weeks.

You should have delivered my medicine by now, but I have nothing. Your service is deplorable.

As far as I am concerned, everyone should avoid Walgreen Specialty Pharmacy, because Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy is difficult to work with and does not fill prescriptions in a timely manner.


4 thoughts on “Dear Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy

  1. Unfortunately, I think all those specialty pharmacies are like this. When I need a renewal or particularly a recert I know I’m in for a week of misery.

  2. Oh, man. I am so sorry. Perhaps this post will get their attention. I have exactly the opposite situation with my specialty pharmacy, but then it’s a “real” specialty pharmacy and not one that’s mandated by my insurance company. Perhaps filing a complaint with your insurance company that you’re not getting refills/responses in a timely manner will allow you an exemption. Good luck. With all you have to deal with when you have RA, frustration with getting your prescriptions should not be one of them.

  3. Socks, that’s sad to hear. When I was taking Enbrel and Humira, they were fast and responsive. I did, however, make a change from my local Walgreens as the service just got bad, the lines unbelievably long, and they messed up orders. I made the switch to Bartells which is a local Puget Sound pharmacy. They’re wonderful. Maybe the big corporation has lost it’s way.

  4. Thank you.

    I finally have my medicine. It took three weeks to get a STAT order. I told the person on the phone that if it takes three weeks to fill rush orders, they better get started on my refill so I get it in a more timely manner.

    On the plus side, I finally have a sharps container again.

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