Quick Update

Best Rheumatoid Arthritis Health BlogsThank you to Healthline‘s editors for  including this blog in The 20 Best Rheumatoid Arthritis Health Blogs of 2013 list1.  The list, with links, can be found here.  There are some great blogs to check out.  Thank you, too, to my readers; I have come to count many of you as friends.

Obviously I’m a bit behind on reading my email, or I’d have known about this sooner.  It was a busy summer.

Mixed emotions: when your college son doesn’t come home for the summer because he was hired as a researcher by the school’s engineering department.  We did get to see him for a day last month, though, because he flew up to Colorado to spend a day with us when we took the older of our daughters to her college campus.  Colorado.  Yes, that place with all the flooding.  She’s on the third floor of her residence hall, so has stayed dry.  Unfortunately one of the ground-level apartments wasn’t so lucky 😦  Two kids have flown the nest, and my house feels empty with only three left.

My child with JIA will be the next to graduate and head for college.  I’m wondering how she’ll do.  In addition to JIA, she is allergic to dairy, soy, and eggs — not sure we’ll be able to find a college that will accommodate her food allergies.  Allergies aside, though, I don’t believe her JIA is well controlled.  Sometimes she’s fine, and sometimes she flares so badly she can’t accomplish anything (unless you need someone to hold down a chair, then she does a great job).  Since we homeschool I can be flexible.  If she was attending public high school, however, she’d definitely need a 504 plan.  I’m honestly not sure how she’ll handle a flare and the need to walk around a college campus.

If you have suggestions about college life for a student with JIA, I’m all ears.

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