I’ll rest after I die

Five years ago, I wasn’t sure that I’d ever have a “normal” life again.  This year, finally, I’ve been controlled enough (and learned enough coping tricks) that it’s seemed that things were getting back to normal.  Until this past week, that is.

I’ve been working like crazy, helping the older of my daughters finish her shopping for college.  Unlike most schools, the university she’s chosen has no dormitories.  Instead, there are student apartments for all.  What that means is that not only do students need towels, bed linens, and a microwave, but they also need everything else one needs for an apartment.  Vacuum cleaner, broom, blender, waffle iron…  Not only that, but the meal-plan only provides twelve meals per week, so students must do some cooking if they want the other nine meals people normally eat.  We’ve been watching the ads since January and gotten as much on sale as possible, but now it’s crunch time.  You know you’ve been spending a lot more money than normal when it trips a security flag at the credit card company.

I am exhausted!  “Pace yourself” is wonderful advice.  It just isn’t always possible.  I paced myself up until this past week.  Now I feel like I did when I was first diagnosed:  swollen feet when I get up in the mornings, stiff hands, elbows feeling like someone’s poking pins into them all day long, plantar fasciitis acting up, tendonitis in both thumbs, and fatigue so bad that I’m ready for bed by noon.  Instead of crawling back into bed, I’ve been driving all over town.

I am happy to say that we’re finally done shopping.  Unfortunately, I don’t get to rest.  Since I’d been feeling so well, I volunteered to help at a kids’ summer camp next week.  That might have been a mistake.

My duffle bag is packed.  Pills are all sorted into my pill box.  A syringe is perched atop the mtx vial.  And all I can think is that I wish I could stay home.  BUT my daughter will be at this camp, and we’ll have a chance to spend fun time together before she heads off to school.  To me, that’s worth the sacrifice.

After camp, I’ll have a couple weeks at home to… rest?  No.  It’ll be time to start harvesting the garden.  I have a few posts planned on how to make that easier on the joints.

May you have a terrific week!


5 thoughts on “I’ll rest after I die

  1. Wow, Socks. Just wow.

    I wish your daughter the best as she starts her new life. And here’s wishing you the best, too, along with plenty of calm and comfort. Do let us know how camp goes. 😉

  2. Hi WarmSocks,
    Sometimes mothers get carried away for their children. I hope your body forgives you for being a dedicated mother. It’s nice to see a WarmSocks post. I look forward to your camp and gardening messages and more. Peace. apj

  3. Good to hear an update from you Socks. What a busy but exciting time. Blessings as you and your daughter transition to this new phase of life.

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