Without Fear

“Are those injections you give yourself involved in the meningitis outbreak?!” asked a caller over the weekend.  Sometimes it’s really nice to have people who care enough to check on you.

Since I don’t give myself steroid shots, I haven’t been concerned, but had to admit that I wasn’t even sure which drug was in question.  A quick search brought the answer:  methylprednisolone acetate (Depo Medrol) – the steroid favored by my rheumatologist and orthopedist.

That raises more questions for me.  Is meningitis only a problem when the tainted drug is injected into the spine?  What if it’s injected into shoulders, hips, knees, or other joints?

Then again, it’s idle curiosity.  I haven’t had any steroid shots since July, but if I had, and it was at one of the clinics that bought the bad drug, I might be making an appointment to ask my doctor these questions.  Some of you, my cyber friends, might have gotten steroid injections in the past few months, though, and might be more than a little alarmed at the recent headlines.

The CDC has published a list of clinics.  Nobody need wait in fear, wondering if they’ll be stricken next.

Credit: CDC

5 thoughts on “Without Fear

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. Knowledge is always power (and often a relief!). I’m pleased to find that none of my hospitals/clinics are listed!

  2. I agree, Carla, that it’s nice to know.

    MinCO, thank you. I hadn’t heard that there was such an extensive list. Methotrexate and a bunch of other meds I use, too 😦 My pharmacy includes manufacturer on every prescription label – I’m headed to the cupboard now to check.

  3. Thanks for keeping track of this story. I ahve a steroid injection coming up so I’ll pay close attention and ask questions.

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