Quantifying Pain

Wren has a post up, aptly titled Pain Scale Purgatory, responding to RA Warrior’s blog carnival (for which neither of us wrote a post).

Nobody likes having to guess what the 1-10 pain scale means.  What it means to one person isn’t necessarily what it means to anyone else, and people rarely ask for your frame of reference.  What if, since we’re already carrying around our meds list (you are  carrying your meds list, aren’t you?), we also carry around our own pain scale?  Here is my contribution:

  • 1-2 is tolerable
  • 3-4 I’ll think about taking a tylenol
  • 5-6 I’ll definitely take a tylenol, and maybe some ibuprofen, too
  • 7-8 there is definitely something wrong and I’m finding someone to drive me to the doctor
  • 9-10 someone is dialing 911

Wishing you many days of only mild pain.

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3 thoughts on “Quantifying Pain

  1. If I was a good drawer my pain scale would be a doctors face with their neck in it. One the 1-2 I would be approaching the doctor with my hands out, 3-4 my hands would be on their neck, 5-6 I would be tightening my hands around their neck, 7-8 they would be turning blue, 9-10 they would be passed out on the floor and I would have my pain script in my hand :-) There…you now have Murphy’s law pain scale. Of course having ra I can barely raise my hands let alone keep them up to strangle someone…lol. But this pain scale is for the doctor to understand my pain level….right :-) Think they would get it now?

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