Doctor Rob is Back!

Good news!  Dr. Rob Lamberts is blogging again.  Instead of continuing with more posts on Musings of a Distractible Mind, he has a new website and a new blog, titled More Musings (of a distractible kind).  Pop on over and welcome him back.  If you didn’t read his blog in the past, you might enjoy browsing through his archives.


I might take my own short break.

Life is a little crazy around here as I’m definitely feeling part of the sandwich generation.
My mom’s having surgery and needs constant care for two weeks, but I still have my own kids.
Pinewood Derby cars to build for the big race coming up, five kids going five different directions,
AND we’re filling out financial aid forms for the first time.
It’s a bit of a trick providing tax info in January, since we don’t file our taxes until May.

4 thoughts on “Doctor Rob is Back!

  1. Thank you, Laurie & Linda.
    Mom’s surgery went well, and she’s not requiring as much babysitting as anticipated – at least not yet. That’s good since I just spent a week helping a child who had a rough recovery from wisdom teeth removal. One day at a time 🙂

  2. Oh! Thanks for the news about Dr. Rob! I I hadn’t heard.

    My sympathies on the financial aid applications! I found them SO stressful when we were doing them!

    Meanwhile, I hope you’re holding up with all that’s going on. It sounds like a lot to juggle!!

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