Exercise Resolution

With a 5-lb potato bag in each hand, extend arms straight out from sides & hold.  Soon you’ll find you can hold this for a bit longer.  Try to reach a full minute.  Then move up to 10-lb bags, then 50-lb bags & eventually get to where you can lift a 100-lb potato bag in each hand & hold your arms straight for more than a minute.  (I’m at this level)  Once you feel confident at that level, put a potato in each bag.


It’s that time of year when people make New Years resolutions, and variations on exercise/get in shape/be healthier are common.  Despite my wish to be in good shape, wishing won’t make it happen.  I need concrete goals (I’ve previously written about goals here):

My resolution/goals are:

  1. Develop and follow an exercise routine
  2. Write weekly menus for my family and prepare those well-balanced, nutritious meals
  3. Carefully keep track of everything I eat

I’ve already been working on the first one.  My family joined the YMCA, and part of the membership fee included an appointment with a personal trainer to customize an exercise program.  This was a huge waste of time.  Fortunately, I also saw a new physical therapist.  The contrast was remarkable.  My physical therapist has been working with me to find stretches and exercises that start with where I am now and will protect my joints while getting me into good physical condition.  I’m already seeing progress.

I also bought a home gym.  Do not pay full price if you decide to do this.  Craigslist is a great place to find exercise equipment.  Things tend to be more expensive when everyone is making New Years resolutions, but many people give up on their resolutions after eating tons of Valentines chocolate, and prices go back down.  Here’s what I got:

The reason I chose this model is that it includes a rowing machine, which is fantastic low-impact cardio.  I still have my elliptical, so now I have two cardio options.

One entire PT session was spent going through the exercise book that came with my home gym, with the physical therapist marking which exercises I should do and which ones should be avoided.  It was pretty interesting to see the therapist’s eyes grow big as saucers as she exclaimed, time and again, “Oh, my!  Don’t do this!  It would be terrible for your ____.”

I love having my exercise routine designed by someone who knows what she’s talking about.  Now I just have to put it into practice.

Any resolutions you wish to share?