My recent post warning about the perils of Abbreviating Med Lists  has been cross-posted on KevinMD.  Please read.


2 thoughts on “Cross-post

  1. Dear Warmsocks,

    My name is Jack Urben and I am a Pharm.D., a Doctor of Pharmacy. Mos of my time practicing pharmacy has been in the hospital working with physicians and nurses to optimize medication therapy management.

    I read with great interest your blog about medication abbreviations and can fully understand what you are talking about because we went through the same problems in the hospital every single day! Recently, I started a project to help patients keep track of their medications and display their medications to providers of healthcare in ER’s or offices. What if you had a card that listed all of your medications: dose, strength, last time refilled; all of your allergies; all of the drugs that caused you to have an interaction; all of the drugs that didn’t work for you – all on one card that looked like a credit card, and you carried it where you carry other credit cards, but it wasn’t a credit card at all – it was a USB card. What if: you wouldn’t have to do anything to keep it updated – it would be done for you – accurately, timely and in language that is understood by every healthcare provider. All you would have to do is give the card to the ER nurse or office nurse and they would have (with your permission, of course) access to your complete updated medication record.

    What would you think of this?

    Please give me your comments and stayed tuned.


    Dr. Jack PharmD

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