Happy Thanksgiving

“What are some things you’re thankful for?”  That was the question Sunday, and people took turns telling of how blessed they are, in spite of a variety of difficulties.

I sat there – not quite sulking, but almost – miffed at how crummy this year has been.  Poor me.  I was having quite a pity party, when it dawned on me that I needed a major attitude adjustment.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself for needing 28 doctor appointments, I can be grateful that medical help is so easily obtained.

Instead of grumbling that I haven’t been able to spend as much time with my horse as I’d planned, I can be thankful that I have my own horse.  I actually, really and truly finally got a horse – the exact kind I’ve always wanted.  How cool is that!

We still have an income – significantly smaller than a few years ago, but enough to pay the bills.  We still have medical insurance.  We have a nice warm house to live in.  We have land to raise our own organic vegetables and chemical-free beef.

No more sulking.  By then I truly was thankful.  God has blessed me greatly.  I have much to be thankful for.

And then I remembered hangers.

When our children were small, my husband would tuck the toddlers into bed while I nursed the baby to sleep.  He would pray with the children, then they would lay in bed and say, “Thank you, God, for …”  The kids would take turns naming things for which they were thankful.  Once the baby was asleep, I loved to eavesdrop to see what they’d come up with.  They didn’t just name the same things night after night, but were creative.

One night, my son said, “Thank you, God, for hangers.”  Hangers????   I didn’t think that was suitable.  What about more noble things, like, family, or peace, or good neighbors?

God nudged me.  You’re NOT thankful for hangers?  I could arrange for you to not have any.  How would that be?

I pondered for a moment life without hangers – or life without the need for hangers.  I decided that my son had the right idea.  I, too, am thankful for hangers.

It’s easy for me to get complacent, and sometimes I need a reminder of how very much I have to be thankful for – hangers and all.

May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.


7 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. When my kids were little we talked about what we liked about our day before going to bed. There were days that we had spent lots of money on an activity and I was sure my kids would mention that as something they were thankful for but no, it was still always the simple things like riding on my husband’s shoulders or momma playing dolls. Looking through the eyes of my young kids really helped me to start looking for the everyday simple things in life that bring us happines. Really, it is the simple things, hangers and all.

    I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful. You are obviously surrounded by much love. Like you, our income has dwindled the last few years, but like you, we still have insurance and we are still paying the bills. Lucky us!

  2. A lot of drastic changes have occurred in my life over the last several years, but the basics–food, shelter, the love of family and friends–remain constant. I’ve always been aware of how lucky I am in that regard, and that’s probably why (like you, Socks) my occasional personal pity-parties never last very long.

    As I was reading your post and chuckling over hangers, I realized that today, at this moment, I’m particularly thankful for electric heated throws, one of which is wrapped around my achy hips as I sit and type this comment. The gentle heat is so soothing. I am indeed lucky.

    Wishing you and your family a lovely Thanksgiving Day.

  3. My family and friends for sure and my dog of course. I’m also thankful for the meds that have come along these last few years. They may not work perfectly but they are far better than the ones I first started out with.
    Even though I have a couple of fairly significant medical problems I know there are always ways it could be so much worse. I try to remind myself often that I’m a lucky girl in many ways.
    Have a wonderful holiday.

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