Where To Find Reliable Information?

Some people are proud of taking an iconoclastic stand just to prove that they can think for themselves and won’t be pushed around.  Others blindly go along with whatever they’re told without giving much thought to things.

Some of us, though, are in the middle.  When something matters – and my health definitely qualifies – I’m not going to take a stand just to prove a point, but I’m also not going to blindly do whatever I’m told.  I want facts.  My doctors base recommendations on facts, and it’s reasonable for me to do the same.

At least, I  think it’s reasonable.  Sometimes I think it drives my doctors crazy.

As they were preparing to admit me to the hospital last month, my husband asked what I needed from home.  “Please bring me my computer and a toothbrush!”  (Another time, I’d also ask for a box of soft  tissues; the hospital’s tissues could go to our wood shop along with the other sandpaper.)

Once beloved spouse delivered my computer, I was able to start reading about my diagnosis.  I learned about possible causes.  I learned about treatment options.  When consultants arrived, I was able to look up information about them (after they left the room, not while they were there).  One doctor gained credibility when I learned that he was formerly program director for his specialty at a medical school (as opposed to someone fresh out of school with limited experience).

It was interesting when one consultant recommended yet another test the third day I was there.  He explained briefly about the test, then realized I was sitting with my laptop on the hospital tray across my bed.  “It’s called MRCP.  Google it.”

I smiled, “Oh, I don’t google medical information.  I use Mayo Clinic or Up-to-Date.”  Something changed.  He realized that I want reliable information, and am not trying to sift through all the chaff that blows around the entire world wide web.

I don’t really limit my searching to those two sites.  Here then, are the sites I like to use:

Since then I’ve thought about it.  Why did he suggest that I google something?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to point patients to a few sites known to have reliable medical information?

Do you use other sites to find reliable information?