Thank you, Alexander Graham Bell

I’m calling to make an appointment to call you.

You just did call me.

Yes. I called to make an appointment to get some information from you.  When would be a good time?

I’m available right now.

Oh, no.  I need to make an appointment to call you tomorrow.  We need to get a complete medical history from you for your upcoming procedure.

I gave that information to the surgeon yesterday.  He said he’d fax it to you.

Well, I can ask him to fax it to us, but I really need to make an appointment to get this information directly from you.

Let me get this straight.  You’re phoning me from the surgical center today to make an appointment to phone me tomorrow to get information from me that I gave to the surgeon yesterday?  Even though I’m available right now, you’re not allowed to ask me now; you must wait until tomorrow even though my schedule is already full?

Yes, ma’am.  That’s our protocol.

Your hospital’s protocol has certainly provided lots of blog fodder.


8 thoughts on “Thank you, Alexander Graham Bell

  1. You gotta laugh, right? (This sounds like an entry from Dr. Grumpy!) I hate the process [almost] as much as I hate the surgery. Good luck with everything (including the paperwork). Keep us posted.

  2. 🙂 Thanks. My favorite part was her stunned silence at my blog-fodder line. Then stammering and apologizing.

    @Rossow, my husband often tells me to write stuff up for RD; maybe I could do it. Thanks.

    Run-on Update: I’d hoped to get another post up, but that’s not going to happen yet since I’m swamped with apples and beans and zucchini. My surgery is Monday morning. Referred but not yet scheduled is lithotripsy then ERCP to remove the stones affecting my pancreas. For the amount of time and money this is taking, I think I’d have preferred that we take a really nice family vacation.

  3. Thinking of you, dear Socks, and sending healing thoughts, warmth and patience your way as you recover from surgery. May it be swift and successful, and may you be home soon. Hugs…

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