Another -itis

It’s autumn, and time for harvest.  My plan for today involved trees, apples, and lots of canning jars.  Once again, though, medical issues have interfered with my plans.

I’d been working with the assumption that since my doctor hadn’t phoned about my test results, that things were okay.  Instead, when I arrived for my appointment to discuss the test results, they couldn’t find the report.  The radiologist couldn’t find it, either.  Only after I gave them the date and time of my test were they able to find the results.  Results that say a biopsy is recommended.

My stomach started aching, and it surprised me.  I thought it was a strange time for nerves to be making an appearance.  The biopsy was scheduled for Friday, and I told myself to suck it up and deal with it.

Things got worse, though, and after I got home I started vomiting blood.  That isn’t nerves, just coincidental timing.  A phone call to my doctor’s office led to instructions that I should lay down and rest, and if I continued to vomit blood, should go to the ER.  After two hours, I arranged for my husband to come home early.  He drove me to the hospital, pulled up to emergency, and I was quickly put in a room.

I can now tell you from personal experience that an NG tube hurts going in.  It is not at all comfortable having a tube up your nose and running down your throat to your stomach.

Lavage is the process by which they inject water through that tube, then suck it back out until the contents are relatively clear and the stomach is empty.  They then hooked a vacuum to the tubing in order to keep my stomach empty.

Once again I found myself thinking that all this would be really cool if I wasn’t learning about it first-hand.  I got an x-ray and an EKG and a CT scan.  The CT scan showed that I have pancreatitis.  This is very painful, and I don’t recommend it.

Other things I don’t recommend are expecting to get any sleep if you’re admitted to the hospital, and trying to think clearly when you’re taking morphine.

Thanks for reading.  I hope you are doing well.