Oh, How I Hate Insurance Games

I’ve just received an EOB from my insurance company and a corresponding bill from my doctor’s office, and would like to scream.

  • Even though my auto insurer said they’d pay for all the claims for treatment related to our auto accident for up to three years, they’re refusing to pay two of them.  My doctor’s office then billed my health insurance.
  • My health insurer says that these are for an MVA injury and they won’t pay.

The EOB actually says that the doctor’s office has to just eat the charges.  That’s so wrong.  I know that I could appeal, argue my case, and get this covered but it just isn’t worth it anymore.  Between this and the other medical bills sitting in a stack on my desk, I’ve spent three hours on the phone trying to straighten out what should be simple, routine payments.

My time has value, too.  I would rather just pay my doctor than keep fighting with the insurance companies over this.


2 thoughts on “Oh, How I Hate Insurance Games

  1. I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. Unfortunately, some insurance companies really do manage their claims by denying them until the people give up. At this point, I think I would tell the insurance company that I was reporting them to the state insurance board. Practices like that need to be stopped.

  2. I’m sorry you’re going through this, too. 😦 I’ve been playing that same game with my insurance for the last year and one woman finally just shouted at me: “Just pay the bill and stop bothering us with this!” *sigh*

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