Nobody Knows

This afternoon I received a message on Facebook:

Someone has proposed that us, GIRLS, do something special in Facebook to help gain consciousness of Breast Cancer. It’s so easy that I’d like you to join us to make it spread! … blah blah blah

What do you drink?  blah blah blah

I misread “What do you drink?” as “What do you think?” and didn’t hold back in my reply:

What do I think? I think there is already a ton of awareness about breast cancer.  People already know what cancer is.  They are already aware of the numerous body parts that can be attacked.  Even if they don’t know the difference between in-situ or metastatic cancer, they have a general idea of what cancer is and what’s involved in fighting it.

On the other hand, I’ve posted numerous times about raising awareness of autoimmune diseases – something most people are clueless about.  I have not gotten any support at all.  Do you click “like” on those posts?  Do you re-post so that the people on your friends list have the opportunity to learn about this group of horrible diseases for which there is no cure and no known cause?  Did you play in the IAAM scavenger hunt to raise awareness last weekend, as I requested everyone do?  Did you let others know about the awareness weekend so they could play or have the opportunity?  Do you even know what autoimmune diseases are?

There are horrible diseases deserving of a lot more publicity than something that everyone already knows about.

So, for those fed up with the slacktivist’s “I’m a beer/red wine/champagne/etc woman” FB status, any ideas on how we can generate more publicity for autoimmune diseases on Facebook (or other venues)?


3 thoughts on “Nobody Knows

  1. Yeah, the sad truth…..get a popular disease. I do think autoimmune diseases are rising….but….um…..I won’t get much support and may get cyberlynched……but…um…er….I think immunizations have something to do with it. At least for me I am positive it caused my problems that go beyond autoimmune……it didn’t cause my insanity…..but a host of other problems.:)

    My daughter has cancer….and it bothers me that most people don’t realize we probably got it getting her teeth xrayed. The doctors told me that’s not it…..but research shows differently. Make sure they give you a cuff for your throat at the dentist. Not fullproof, but why not use it? Some offices use it, while others make you ask. Just a simple illustration to back you up.

    I will support you…just tell me what to do!

    • Not sure yet what to do, I’m thinking of a few ideas.

      I agree with you 100% on the dental x-rays issue. Why do they put a huge lead apron across the abdomen, but ignore the thyroid? Drives me crazy to have to ask. I’ve wondered about making sure they write on our charts so I don’t have to ask every time. No excuse, when they know excess radiation can be a problem, not to take simple precautions.

      Vaccines…I’d like to see some research in this area. I’ve wondered if the immune system not knowing what’s self & what’s other has anything to do with there being fewer diseases to attack. It’s definitely one thing to investigate. There are other options to look at as well. Maybe prevelence is the same as it’s always been, and it’s just an increase in diagnosis not an increase in disease. Or perhaps there is a true increase in disease rates, and it’s the people who would have died from one of those vaccine-prevented diseases, but whose lives were spared because they were immunized who are getting autoimmune diseases. They get vaccinated, so survive, and then later the immune system turns on them. I don’t know.

      My grandmother’s sister had polio, so my knowledge of some of that disease’s results is more than just what I’ve read in some old books. I think it’s worth the small chance of getting RA to not get polio. Now if only we could get doctors to recognize & treat the disease sooner. Instead, an awful lot of doctors will only treat people whose disease follows textbook-presentation. Now I’m rambling.

      Busy day today; I’ll probably not be on my computer much, but I’m thinking of a way to approach this and find a way to get better participation and awareness.

  2. Hi! I am rushed to…but quickly….the only way to get polio in the US is through the iive virus in the drink…the Salk dead virus is safer…polio is eradicated from the US as well as rubella. Tettanus isn’t a worry because yup have a day or two after a bite to get the shot….diphtheria is almost unheard of…whopping cough is only dangerous in kids under a year…and there are about ten deaths per year….measles is scary but I think there are fewer deaths from that than pertussis.

    Admittedly, the shots are now safer than the ones we got, but they are less effective. Most people do not have the true immunity they think they have. And chicken pox…my kids got that naturally and have lifetime immunity the shot doesn’t offer.

    This is a winging it post..but I think diet is important too. I am just surprised that between food and shots we all aren’t glowing!

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