Opening Doors

Grasping door knobs requires the ability to close one’s hand.  Sometimes that’s easier said than done.  Fortunately, my house doesn’t have knobs.  We have those wonderful levers that make it easy to open the doors.  Wonderful for adults, anyhow; not so terrific if you have toddlers!

After two years of telling my doctor that I don’t have any doorknobs, one day I realized that my house does have knobs – just a couple – but I don’t usually use those doors.  They’re difficult to open, and sometimes it’s easier to just use a different entrance (or pound until someone hears me and opens the door).  Last Christmas an organization to which we made a donation sent out “thank you” gifts, and ours was a two-pack of door openers:

In the picture you can see that there’s a cut-out to allow insertion of a key into the keyhole.   I expected them to be a gimmicky thing, but they aren’t.  They work great, and after nearly a year they’re still soft (but not as clean as they were in the beginning).  It’s really nice to be able to open those two doors that I rarely used before!

If you’re independently wealthy and can afford to replace all the door knobs in your house with levers, that’s definitely the way to go.  However, for the price to install levers on three doors, you can get a bin of twenty Great Grips adapters (enough for ten doors).  For those whose houses don’t have quite that many doors, the knob covers are also available in packs of two.

The same company also make faucet grips, and I’d definitely try them if all my water faucets didn’t also have levers.

Disclosure:  I received two Great Grips door knob adapters free, and have received no compensation for stating my opinion.


4 thoughts on “Opening Doors

  1. Thank you for sharing this information. We removed several doorknobs and I have been trying to test out different levers to see how heavy and easy they are to use.

    • My preference is for the levers, definitely. No grasping required at all. I hope to get a lever picture up tomorrow. The Great Grips work well where levers aren’t an option.

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