Insurance Changes

As I mentioned previously, my insurance plan will change on December 1.  I have serious doubts about the new company’s ability to have things up and running so that my December 2 doctor visit will be paid in a timely manner.  Cynical?  Me?  I prefer the term “realistic.”

Consequently, when I learned about the coming changes, I phoned my doctor’s office and asked if they could possibly move my appointment up into November.

It’s a good thing I anticipated the insurer’s lack of efficiency. They’re even admitting it!  Yesterday’s mail brought another letter about our insurance.

If you have a pending doctor’s appointment scheduled during your first month’s coverage, consider moving this appointment towards the end of the month. This will ensure that you have your new health insurance ID card in your possession when you see the doctor and result in your doctor being able to verify that you have coverage.

It looks like I have some more rescheduling to do.  A quick check of my calendar shows that I’m due for an eye exam and the entire family has dental appointments scheduled that first week of December.  My rheumatology appointment isn’t until the middle of the month, so I’ll take my chances on that one.  Those are significantly more difficult to schedule.

The letter continued:

If you are taking any prescription medication, check to make sure that you have enough pills to get you through the first few weeks of your first month’s coverage.  If you are running low on medication, get your refill completed prior to the end of this month.

Seriously?  They’re not going to approve my med refills early.  Somebody ought to consider drug testing those insurance executives; whoever dreamed up that suggestion must have been smoking something.

Fortunately, I have a plan.


2 thoughts on “Insurance Changes

  1. Can you print a copy of your card online? We were able to do that when our cards were being mailed. The secretary still called to confirm coverage and check on the amount of the copay. Maybe she thought we Photoshopped it? I do know one major hospital I use now has an automated system that checks if you are insured the day before or day of via an automated system they developed. And many insurers do not cover their odd facility fee. It is about $60 per visit. I call it a privilege fee…I receive calls from collectors for fees because the insurance company will not pay for them because they are not medical relayed. They are like paying for a toll to get over a bridge.

    • I’ve printed auto insurance cards online (and HSLDA membership), and it’s a good option – just not applicable in this situation.

      The insurance company has to process all the employee applications before they can issue cards. That will take time. imho, they should have asked for applications to be submitted asap so they could begin data entry and we could have our new cards on 12/1.

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