IAAM Scavenger Hunt


"Rocky Clue", taken during the 2009 International Autoimmune Arthritis Scavenger Hunt, Wellington New Zealand. Clue was designed to raise awareness about the mental strength someone who is living with a physical disability must endure.

Da da-ta-da da-ta-da da-ta-da…
Da da da-ta-da da-ta-da da-ta-da…
(ok now sing it to the theme of Rocky while jogging with your arms in the air, as pictured).

It’s time again to register to journey out into your city, helping to raise awareness about the difference between Autoimmune Arthritis and Degenerative Arthritis!

The 2nd Annual International Autoimmune Arthritis Awareness Scavenger Hunt

When?  The weekend of December 3-5, 2010.  (USA dates, dates in other countries may vary due to time differences.)  Play any time, Friday 12:00 a.m. to Sunday 11:59 p.m.

Where?  Any city around the world, any location you choose.  Just make sure there are people around to find Scavenger Hunt clues from!

How?  Register to play at www.IAAMovement.org/Awareness.html.  Registration ends November 30th.

To see more photos from last years event, learn more about the International Scavenger Hunt, or download a printable flyer for this event, please visit www.IAAMovement.org/Awareness.html.


Edit to add:  There will also be a free online version of the game.  See IAAM’s Facebook page for scavenger hunt game clues.


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