The Cocoa Doctor

This morning I dragged my two youngest children with me to a doctor’s appointment.  I’d prefer to leave them at home, but the older kids can’t get their schoolwork done if they’re babysitting their younger siblings, so today my younger offspring took a few of their schoolbooks and sat in the doctor’s waiting room while I had my appointment.

It works well for them to take a few assignments along provided we don’t have to do it very often.  Today’s appointment was easy, because I saw my podiatrist.  My boys usually hate having to go with me to my appointments, but they like going to my podiatrist.  Not because he has two huge dogs that wander around the office (everyone loves the dogs).  Not because this doctor is such a nice person (he is).  Not because they like the receptionist’s candy dish (she generously tells them to take all they want, so they think she’s a wonderful person and I get to be mean and say, “pick one“).  No.  The reason they like going to my podiatrist appointments is because he’s the cocoa doctor.

There’s a fancy coffee machine in his waiting room, and the boys get to drink a cup of hot chocolate while we’re there.


Orthotics need to be replaced every year or so (depending on who you ask), so I was afraid that I was going to be out another $400.  Fortunately, the doctor said that mine appear to be in pretty good shape, and they still fit my feet well, so I don’t need new ones.  Whew! I did spend $35 on new covers for the orthotics, but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to what I thought today was going to cost.


Thank you for all the well wishes and inquiry into my health (or lack thereof).
I thought I was recovering, so tried to resume my life.
That turned out to not be such a  good idea.
Wednesday morning I will chauffeur my daughter to her piano lesson, then come home and be a hermit until I quit coughing. Again.

7 thoughts on “The Cocoa Doctor

  1. Mmmm I’d love it if my docs served hot cocoa! That’s a pretty nice perc for patients. I remember years ago, after being referred by my dentist, going to a specialist for gum surgery. I was really surprised to find a big plate of gigantic sugar cookies and coffee in the waiting room. Struck me funny, really. I figured he was actively making sure he’d have more patients in the future by feeding them sugary stuff… heh.

    Hope you’re feeling better, Socks. Take it easy and allow your body to recover from that bronchitis, will ya? Sending warmth and patience your way.

  2. That sounds like a great treatment environment (not to mention a great waiting-for-treatment environment)! I’d especially love a couple of dogs wandering around my doctors’ offices. They’re such a calming presence.

  3. Flavia? I guess that is what it says. I don’t drink coffee, or consume chocolate in any form, so all I’ve ever done with the machine is make my boys each a cup of cocoa. It gives the appearance of being a nice treat, though!

    The dogs are old and gentle. It was odd the first time the door was nudged open and a dog wandered in, but I think all the patients like it. It does make for a calming influence.

    I’m not coughing as much, and my chest barely hurts. Things are looking up 🙂

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