Never Forget

Where were you?

It was a beautiful day.  Not a cloud in the sky.  I was home with four young children, and I had another on the way.  My oldest was seven, and excited as can be because the roofers were coming.

Usually punctual and boisterous, today the roofers were both tardy and subdued.  “Turn on your television” was all they would say.  In disbelief, I learned that our country had been attacked.  I watched in horror as a plane plowed through the second tower.  My children were too young to understand, but I gazed at my growing belly and wondered what kind of world I was bringing my child into.

Recognizing that if those planes were hijacked and used as flying bombs, there could be others in the air at that very moment,  I gathered my children around me and we prayed.  We prayed for those trying to escape the inferno in New York.  We prayed for any hijackers who hadn’t yet made their move, that they would have a change of heart.  We prayed for those who might be, at that very moment, about to become part of another strike.  We prayed that the passengers and crew of any plane still under attack would be able to resist and overcome their hijackers.

Shortly after that we heard that a third plane had crashed into the Pentagon.  The wrong side.  Was that an answer to prayer?

How many more planes would there be?

Certain that there were others up there somewhere, we continued praying.  And while I mourned those who died in the crash in Pennsylvania, I was (and continue to be) profoundly grateful to those who stood up to the hijackers, and gave their lives in defense of our country.




5 thoughts on “Never Forget

  1. I was working on an island off the west coast of Scotland. In the church house there (mainly used by visiting ministers) there was no TV or internet connection at the time. I had to rely on a neighbour to find out what was happening. As it happened there were Americans on holiday, so there was work to do even there. Such a sad and horrific time. My thoughts are with all those who suffered, especially those who lost loved ones.

  2. I had returned from Ireland the day before. I was late for work but had turned on the TV and heard about the first plane. By the time I got to my first morning meeting the second plane had hit and it was apparent that this was done on purpose. Such a profoundly sad day. The neighbors down the street lost their 24 year old daughter. She was going to marry in just a few months.
    A few days later I was up near NY for a meeting and could see the smoke from the site still smothering. So very sad.
    Our county has a memorial to all the residents who have lost their lives to terrorism. Unfortunately many of the people on flight 103 lived in the county. They and their children were on a school trip. One childhood friend was on business. Senseless.

    • That flight 103 reference was the Lockerbie flight. If you are young you may not even really remember that bombing. Sorry 9/11 always reminds me of that crash.

      • Only nursing home residents consider me young 🙂 I remember flight 103.

        I have a friend whose father worked in the Pentagon. We waited with her for word on whether or not he’d survived. He did, but so many others did not.

  3. I was 16 and had a free period first thing in the morning, so I was home getting ready for school when I turned on my little tv and saw what was happening across the border. I ran downstairs to tell my Dad, who works from a home office. I still remember his voice when he said, “oh, no.”
    When I went to school, classes had been postponed and we sat cross-legged on the floor of the library, our eyes fixed on the school’s few television sets.

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