Last month’s cross-posting was quite an experience.  A couple months back, after reading Dr. Kevin Pho’s CNN article, Will the doctor answer your e-mail?, I blogged a response to his suggestion that patients should be Making Demands.  The Queen of Optimism kindly suggested that I submit that response as an op ed, and to my surprise and delight, Dr. Pho cross-posted that piece on KevinMD (here).  The comments over there got significantly off track, but the email responses were favorable.

Earlier this week, on Monday, an edited version of my third post in the speaking up series was cross-posted at KevinMD.  The responses were not nearly as positive (to put it mildly), leaving me wondering:

  • am I completely off-base on this?
  • do commentors always make such erroneous assumptions?
  • has my writing become that unclear?
  • was the whole point of my post edited out?

Reading some of the comments left me fuming:  not at the commentors who don’t know the whole story – well, maybe a little.  Mostly at the medical provider who could have killed me with his bad prescription.

Quite an experience, this cross-posting.

I’d be interested in knowing your opinion.  Was the piece really that badly written?  Am I doing the crazy patient bit?

Addendum:  Due to excessive spam, comment on this post are now closed.  I can still be contacted via email.