A while back, a pharmacist where I filled my prescriptions went out of her way to do a very nice thing.  At the time, I was contemplating switching to a pharmacy closer to my home, but that little (big) act of kindness kept my business at that store longer than I intended.

Without going into tons of detail, the pharmacy tried to phone me, but the call wouldn’t go through.  For some reason the pharmacy’s telephone system won’t let them call a different area code.  How stupid is that?  Pharmacists can be trusted to work with money and lots of expensive medications, but they can’t be trusted to call patients about their prescriptions because it might run up the corporate phone bill?

Since it’s not a long distance call, just a different area code, it’s an incredibly stupid policy.

Anyhow, after trying all morning and finally figuring out that it was the phone system’s problem and the call would never go through, the pharmacist used her personal cell phone to call me when she took her lunch break.  She didn’t say she was on her lunch break, but it’s easy enough to look at the clock and figure that one out; I know when the pharmacy closes for lunch.  It was really nice of her to follow up instead of just shrugging it off and saying that they’d tried to call but couldn’t get through.

I’d send a thank-you note, but she doesn’t usually work at that store and I didn’t get her name.  Belated thank you to that very helpful pharmacist.


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