Pick a pharmacy based on location.  Years ago, that’s what I did.  Unfortunately, the location was based on proximity to my doctor’s office, not my house.  Since we only had prescriptions to fill if we’d been sick enough to see the doctor, it made perfect sense to use a pharmacy near his office.  Now, however, when I go to the pharmacy more often than I go to the gas station, I need something closer.

I finally took the plunge.

There are four pharmacies in town.  One has a drive-up window, and I considered the convenience of calling to order my refills and not having to even go into the store to pick things up.  It was very tempting, but I suspect that I’m going to need a good relationship with my pharmacist and don’t see it happening at the drive-up.  Two of the pharmacies always have long lines of people waiting, and I think mistakes are more likely to happen when things are rushed. 

Only one pharmacy left to check.  It’s a good location.  As an added bonus, I’ve talked to two of the pharmacists there in the past and they’ve been extremely helpful.

Last week I took in new printed prescriptions and talked to the pharmacist on duty.  I told him that I really try to fill everything at the same time, but with two of the meds filling for 28 days, and the others for 30, things don’t always match up nicely.  He was terrific, looked at all the meds I’m taking without expressing shock, and took care of everything.  It was a bonus, when I went back the next day to get everything, to discover that he’d filled the mtx with 32 instead of 28!

I think I made a good choice.  Thanks, PC!

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