Detective Work

It never ceases to amaze me how doctors can take little bits of information, ask seemingly unrelated questions, and tie everything together.

  • sulfasalazine (a supposedly mild DMARD) makes a huge difference in how I feel
  • my feet and ankles hurt again*

Who would think to put these two pieces of information together and examine the patient’s back?

That’s what happened when I saw my rheumatologist last week.  She then said that she wanted to order another lab test, but when she told me which one, I was able to open my handy-dandy notebook and give her the results from when my previous rheumy had that test done.  Time and money saved!

It’s so nice to have a doctor who treats me as if I might possibly be competent.  I’m to continue with my boat-load of meds, assuming that I’ll continue to improve as the ssz has more time to work.  In a month if I’m feeling well, then I can discontinue the hcq and it will just barely have time to get out of my system before I see the doctor again for my next follow-up.

This will be the first time this doctor has given me three months between appointments.  I look forward to six-month follow-up someday, but for now will be happy with what I can get.  It’s progress.

Comments always welcome.

*and knees and wrists and elbows and both shoulders, if we’re counting, which I wasn’t.  I hadn’t even noticed that my elbows were sore, but about jumped out of the chair when they were examined.  Apparently my tendon insertion points have some issues.