The internet is a marvelous tool.  It’s great being able to search for information.

Blog stats shows some interesting hits in the last few days.  In addition to the usual searches, people googled:

  • lots of zucchini
  • how to keep raccoons away from duck eggs
  • folding dollar bills like bow ties
  • this does not work iti s very annoying
  • best day of the week to take Enbrel


Seems early in the year for this, since we don’t even have plants in the ground yet.  It’s been too wet.  Saute’d, grilled, or baked in apple pie are my favorite ways to eat zucchini.  I’ll try to post a couple other recipes.


These animals are vicious.  Stop reading now if you’re squeamish.  If you’re having trouble with raccoons, the best bet is probably to shut your ducks in at night, and not turn them loose in the morning until after they’re done laying.  Raccoons, not understanding the laws of physics, will reach in and attempt to pull their prey right through the fence.  Two solid objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time, so something has to give.  In my experience, the fence is stronger than flesh, and it’s your animal that gives way.  Raccoons have pulled numerous legs off of rabbits, and the head off of one duck.  Not a pretty sight.  The only prevention I’ve found to work is to keep animals away from the fence so that raccoons can’t reach them – either with the aforementioned shed, or by double-fencing.


You need an old-fashioned dollar bill with the president’s head centered.  I’ll take photos and post step-by-step instructions.

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What can I say?

Scheduling A Biologic

Do what’s best for your schedule.  If I travel out of town, it’s most likely to be on a weekend – maybe even a long weekend – so I decided that Tuesday or Wednesday would be best.  Not Thursday, because that’s Thanksgiving and I’m either on the road or entertaining a houseful.

Another thing to consider is how long the medication lasts.  In the beginning, my Enbrel didn’t last a full week; I was pretty sore by day six, so needed day six to be a day that I could take it easy (not the day I’m on the road from seven in the morning until nine at night).  However, that was just in the beginning!  As my rheumy predicted, the medicine now lasts a full week so it’s no longer an issue.  Hang in there while waiting for the full effect.