You’ve GOT to be Kidding

Why would anybody pay a doctor to cut their toenails?

And why would someone with all the skill and education acquired in medical school be willing to do something that any early-elementary age kid can do?

Nail Clippers

My mom has been having trouble with a swollen foot.  Her doctor checked for blood clots but found no cause for the swelling.  Still, the foot is painful and won’t fit into her shoes.  It’s been a couple weeks, so when I suggested that it might be time to investigate more, and she said she’s planning to call the podiatrist who cuts her toenails.

“Excuse me?”  I was incredulous!  “You pay a doctor to cut your toenails?  Since when did you have that kind of money?!  And when did you take leave of your senses to the extent that you think that’s anywhere close to appropriate?” (Did I mention that I’m not always noted for my subtlety?)  Apparently this country’s taxpayer-funded senior citizen health plan decrees that she’s not allowed to cut her own toenails.

I’m all for helping people who need help, but requiring perfectly capable people to drive to the doctor for things they’re able to do on their own is NOT a good use of my tax dollars.



Everyone needs a break, and my time has arrived.  We’re taking the kids to see half the western U.S.  We’ll have lots of time in the car, so if you have tips on keeping Enbrel cold in a little travel bag, I’m all ears.

No more posting until we get home and I catch up on laundry.  Have a great May!


Edit to add RheumaBlog Update:  Wren did NOT have to be hospitalized.  She’s home, changing her own bandages, and will see the doctor again on Thursday.  If I hear from her again, I’ll post a new update.