We’re all concerned about Wren’s hand.  Here’s an update:

I was back at the ER today, as directed. Wounds were infected, I’ve a low-grade fever, hand is very sore. They called in a hand surgeon; he injected local and debrided. (typing one-handed sure is slow!). It has wicks in now to drain infection and is wrapped and splinted from fingertips to elbow (sigh). I’m on antibiotic; will go back again tomorrow to surgeon … if it hasn’t improved enough it looks like they’ll admit me for IV antibiotics. Fingers are crossed that won’t be necessary.

It’ll probably be a few days at least before I can post to Rheumablog; could I ask you to pass the info above to our friends via your blog?

Ouch.  Infection is what we were probably all afraid of.  I’ll be praying for Wren’s speedy recovery.  Let’s all send her our warmest wishes.


6 thoughts on “RheumaBlog

  1. Thanks for posting this, WarmSocks.

    Dear, dear Wren: I’m hoping you feel better soon and that your hand heals up quickly without the infection getting worse. You have enough to handle without any more trouble. Thinking of you! 🙂 L

  2. Socks: Thanks for passing this along. I’ll leave a note for Wren on her site. It’s amazing how quickly one small thing can escalate. Terrible consequences for the dog and for Wren. Have my fingers crossed that this treatment works for her and no hospitalization or further treatment will be necessary.

  3. So sorry to hear this and about the dog. Not a happy ending. Wren, you should be able to do IV antibiotic therapy at home and save the cost of an in-hospital stay.

  4. Thanks for the update, WarmSocks! Wren, I’m so sorry this happened. Thinking of you, and keeping my fingers crossed that you will get better soon and not need to be hospitalized.

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