Resuming SSZ

Sulfasalazine does awful things to my GI tract, and I was very happy when my rheumy said I could discontinue it.  After five weeks, I started getting achy again, and it’s gotten progressively worse this past week.  This morning I was told to resume the ssz.

SSZ is a drug that is prescribed to people for the treatment of  ulcerative colitis , which I thankfully don’t have.  Nor do I have the diarrhea that is part of that disease.  Those of us without that problem run (no pun intended) into other difficulties when taking this med.  Apparently I have to choose:  I can either walk easily or poop easily.

Sorry if that’s TMI, but I really hate this drug, and it’s not just because it’s an extra 42 pills a week that I have to swallow.  In the spirit of helping others with RA – maybe ask your doctor how to handle any adverse side effects that you might experience.


In looking for the bright side – there always is at least one – I’ve written about the side effects of this med so many times that I can now spell words that have always given me difficulty.


5 thoughts on “Resuming SSZ

  1. MiraLax is safe to use long-term for constipation problems. It’s what my GI put me on when the morphine I was taking for pain caused me tons of trouble.

    You can get it over the counter, it’s not terribly expensive, and it’s very effective. You can also get it prescription, if that’s cheaper for you.


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