Wanted: Pharmacist

I’m done driving 25 miles (one way) to the pharmacy.  There are many pharmacies closer, and I’m hoping that one of the nearest will be top-notch.  Given that I have insurance, price isn’t a factor since I pay the same amount everywhere.  I would be most appreciative if one of the blogging pharmacists did a post on how to choose a pharmacy.  Pharmacy Chick, Eric, Pharmacist, Frantic PharmacistJP, TAestP, TAP, DrugMonkey, IdealistRedheaded Pharmacist, OleApothecary, Un-pcrph, Pharmacy Mike…  I could always flip a coin, but it would be great to actually have some sort of criteria.  I don’t want a pharmacist who hates going to work, or is so rushed that errors are inevitable.  Which types of stores treat their employees the best?  What kinds of things should a patient look for in a pharmacy/pharmacist?

Oh, and a separate post on how-not-to-piss-off-your-pharmacist would be cool, too.

Edit to add: Just to clarify those two posts would not be in any way related.  I’m not in search of a new pharmacy due to anything I did to upset my old one!


2 thoughts on “Wanted: Pharmacist

  1. I used to hate the pharmacy we go to but we kept going because it was so close to our house. Literally walking distance. (Well, what I consider walking distance anyway, about 4 miles)

    As my son and I started taking more and more medicine, the pharmacist got to know us pretty well. Now I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They always make sure my stuff is right, even the complicated/stupid has to be brand name (according to endo) synthroid that I take two different doses of each week. Maybe it doesn’t have as much to do with where you go as it does how you treat the pharmacist?

    I agree though, I’d love to read a post on how I am unintentionally pissing off our pharmacist but she’s too nice to tell me so I could stop doing whatever I might be doing that I don’t realize is a pain in the butt to her.

    • I agree that how we treat the pharmacist could have an impact – it only makes sense that they’ll be nicer to those who are nice to them. As I read blogs, I’m amazed and saddened at what I read about some people’s behavior. Pharmacy Chick just posted What I Am NOT, which goes along with the second question from my post – basically she says, “be a decent human being.”

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