Buckle Me Up Awareness Band

Autoimmune arthritis sufferers have been asking for an awareness bracelet for long enough…now they are here!  Official silicone awareness bracelets, which are packaged with a Message about standing up for this cause (message below).  Place a preorder for the 1st batch of autoimmune arthritis awareness bracelets by visiting the Facebook “event” page link below, agree to participate, then go to www.BuckleMeUpMovement.com and place your order, each sells for $1.50.  The deadline is May 8th, don’t miss out on purchasing your piece of history!

Here’s the link to the Facebook Event.

The message packaged with every bracelet:

“I Am…

A Leader for Change,
A Believer in Progress,
And Rebranding Stereotypes.

I Am an Advocate for
Autoimmune Arthritis Awareness.”


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