Getting Started

Knowing you need to make changes is one thing.  Dedicating yourself to make those changes is entirely different.  With a group of people who will all try this weight-loss/exercise change together, maybe it will be easier.  The first day for me was rough.  I woke up extra early and wandered to the kitchen… and started talking to myself.

3 a.m.
Carrot cake, yum!

NO!  You really need to try to fit back into your clothes.

One piece won’t hurt.

Yes, it will.  If you eat one piece, then you’ll have blown it for the day and will eat anything and everything for the rest of the day.  You need to start eating the way you know you should now, not tomorrow.  You told everyone who reads your blog that you’re going to do this.  Maybe if you put the cake out of sight instead of leaving it easily accessable on the counter, it would be easier.

Okay. I should wait until breakfast time to eat anyhow.

Victory #1

5 a.m.
I think I got up too early.  Maybe a nap would be a good idea.

8 a.m.
Yes, a nap was definitely a good idea…  (head downstairs to the kitchen, look at countertop)  Rhubarb crunch. Yum!

You have absolutely no willpower!  Put all the desserts away where you won’t see them and be tempted.  Then go exercise.  If you eat before exercising, you’ll use that as an excuse to skip the workout because you shouldn’t exercise on a full stomach.  Another excuse will come up to delay exercising, then another, and before you know it you’ll have missed another day.  Do it now.

I can’t believe I committed to this!  I should be committed!

Victory #2

. . .

11 a.m.
Look at the clock!  Where’d the time go?  I haven’t had breakfast yet.  Where’s that carrot cake?

See, it was a good idea to put the desserts where you wouldn’t mindlessly cut a piece and start eating when that’s not really the fuel your body needs.  Either eat what you planned for breakfast, or eat what you planned for lunch.  You’ll feel better.

Okay, I’ll scramble an egg.  This is going to be a long day!

Victory #3
Oh, by the way, I know you were distracted by the phone call that the neighbor had a horse out, but don’t think that you can get away with calling that assistance “exercise.”  This afternoon you really need to move enough to get your heart rate up.

3 p.m.
I’m hungry.  I wonder if we have any cookies.

There are chocolate chip cookies in the cookie jar, but you can’t eat chocolate.  Drink a glass of water, then go ride the exercise bike instead of snacking.

Oh, there’s coffeecake left from yesterday’s breakfast.  That would taste good.

Put it with the carrot cake.

This better work!

Victory #4


Doesn’t this sound awful!  There’s not usually so much sugar in my house, and I can’t believe how often I wandered through the kitchen and mindlessly started to put something in my mouth.  No wonder I’ve gained weight!

Instead of cooking what I’d planned for supper, I reheated leftover salmon.  The kids ate theirs with green salad and rice, but I sprinkled chunks of the fish over my salad, added Caesar dressing, and skipped the rice.  After dinner, the kids asked for a piece of carrot cake, and loved it when my answer was, “Please!  Eat it all!”  I cut my husband’s favorite rhubarb dessert and dished it into individual containers so he could easily grab one to pack with his lunch.

Day Two

It was so much easier to fix myself an omelet for breakfast when I wasn’t assaulted by the sight of desserts all over the kitchen.  Having foregone all the bread one day one, I didn’t crave it so much.  For lunch I made tuna sandwiches for the kids, and ate mine on a whole wheat tortilla instead of bread. Yum!

Supper was harder.  Once a month my kids have group class with their violins.  That’s sixteen miles away and ends at 5:30.  An hour later, their Royal Rangers outpost meets four miles further into town.  It’s not physically possible to drive home and back into town in that amount of time, so we usually grab a bit to eat in the deli of a grocery store quite conveniently located between our two meetings.  I briefly considered packing dinner, but my mom dropped by so I lost the only free hour I had.  Dinner out it had to be.  Fortunately, the deli had a chicken salad that tasted every bit as good as it looked.

Continuing on…

The next day was even easier.  I hadn’t realized how many sweets we had in the house.  Nor had I realized that I keep them displayed where it’s easy to see and want “just a little bit.”  Having everything out of sight definitely helps.  Oat bran, another tuna tortilla, steak/green beans… Easy meal prep and no temptation to snack – of course, being gone again all afternoon certainly helped!

I’ve been swamped this week with extra activities and haven’t read anyone’s blogs to see how everyone else is doing.  Unfortunately, “swamped” means running in a million different directions, so I only managed to exercise one day.

The two things that I’m finding help the most (for those of you still with me)

  • Since I live with someone who wants there to be dessert in the house, my best bet at avoiding it is to store it in the refrigerator where it doesn’t get eaten without a little bit of effort
  • Plan meals in advance so that I don’t reach for something quick and easy (and not of the best nutritional quality)

I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s progress.