If you haven’t yet read Wren’s post from yesterday, go do that, then come back. Seriously. I’ll wait.

(cue Jeopardy! music)
do dododo do do do

Welcome back.

I, too, have been sitting around.  My shoulder got to hurting so much that riding the exercise bike and using the elliptical made things worse, so I had to take a break.  In case that’s too vague, it means I quit exercising.  I didn’t, however, quit eating, and now very few of my clothes fit.  Well, they might fit someone, but the don’t fit me

My kids have recognized how much my shoulder hurts, so have been exercising without me.  I’m going to have to either a) exercise in spite of the pain, or b) find different exercises to do that don’t hurt.  Or maybe a combination.

As for food, I’m going to try eating more vegetables and protein, fewer breads, and see if I can’t fit back into some of my clothes before we leave on vacation next month.

Since Christmas, I haven’t even had to be hungry to eat.  I eat out of habit, maybe because I’m walking through the kitchen and there’s a bowl of fruit on the counter, or the kids are having a snack so I eat, too.  Sometimes someone bakes cookies and specifically makes my favorite kind, and I don’t want to hurt their feelings by declining their gift.

I keep vowing to make changes.  Tomorrow – (that song from Little Orphan Annie keeps running through my head).  Then when tomorrow comes, I blow it at breakfast and figure that day’s shot, so I’ll start tomorrow.  I’m hoping that doing this with Wren, we’ll be able to support one another.

My new motto:  Eat Less, Move More

Monday’s menu:

  • Breakfast:  Scrambled eggs with tomato & avocado
  • Lunch:  Tuna Salad
  • Supper:  Rib steaks, green salad
  • Snacks:  devilled eggs

Wish Wren luck.  Wish me luck.

10 thoughts on “ELMM

  1. Good luck!! I’ll be here, following along with you two, trying my best. I need to be more mindful, too. The Easter candy is gone and the good food is in the house again. Here we go! 🙂

    • Oh, good! Maybe with three of us, it’ll be easier to stay on track. I know today every time I walk through the kitchen, I’ve been reminded that I said I was going to be careful what I eat. Not one snack yet! Good luck.

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  3. Yep, WS, you hit the nail on the head. It’s so easy to rationalize eating more than we should, or at least more of what we shouldn’t. Pain is a huge de-motivator, too. I’m just delighted that you’re taking this challenge on with me. I’m with you, friend. It’s fairly early — my favorite time of the day — so I’m about to take off with Finny again for another walk. My hips are a bit achy from yesterday’s walk, but I think that’s just some strain from the unnacustomed exercise, and it will work itself out after a few minutes.

    I’ll be thinking of you today as you tackle life in your own way. And I’m looking forward to reading about how it went. Roar, WarmSocks! Roar!

    • Sorry to hear about your hips 😦

      Today’s been easier already – every time I walk through the kitchen and see the desserts sitting there, I say, “I told Wren that I’d eat better.” The accountability helps.

      • heheheheheheheh

        You’re so cute. Walk went great. I got home and tackled the vacuuming and dusting and sweeping, and now, I’m the walking dead. Note, however, “walking.” So the rest of the day is rest and recoup. By the way, cookies are my most serious temptation, too. I just can’t have them around or I eat them. No will whatsoever.
        We can do this.

  4. Can I join the struggle? I lost 50 pounds last year too and still have 40 to go. It’s slow going. I have diabetes too so I have no choice but to cut the carbs and sweets. I was at a standstill with the weight lost for about three months. Now all of a sudden it’s S L O W L Y starting to go again. Exercise has been pretty much non-existent for the past few months. Until recently nothing’s been helping the hip, back, and knees. But now the weather is warmer for the most part and I’m back to walking the dog! Hang in there We’re all going through this together!

    • You’re in, Sherlock! One of the reasons that I worked so hard to lose that weight last year was that my doc told me I was pre-diabetic. Right on the edge. My glucose level has been normal since then, but I haven’t been doing a very good job staying away from the carbs and sugar lately. We’ll see where the next blood test (done just other day) puts me. Last year, I cut out everything “white.” White bread, white rice, cereals made with white flour, even potatoes. Ate lots more vegetables — I managed to get some into every meal. And it did work.

      I’m glad you’re joining us. We’re all going to feel better, regardless of diabetes, RA and other ailments, so long as we put the effort in. And bravo to you for getting out and walking the dog. That sort of exercise does all kinds of good things for the body. 🙂

  5. You know, if you like the elliptical that much, what about holding on to stationary handles instead of using the ones that move? I know you burn slightly less energy per minute, but it’d let you keep up with that same machine.

    Assuming your machine has stationary handles. My Gazelle doesn’t have stationary handles, so I just kind of hold on to the frame when I need my hands still (basically any time I’m dizzy).


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