Passing It On


Imagine my shock to discover that Laurie over at Frozen Woman:  Life With Rheumatoid Arthritis included me in her nominations for the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award.  Thank you, Laurie.

One requirement is that I’m supposed to let you know ten things you don’t know about me, then nominate five other bloggers.  Ten things… well, I suppose I could say… then again, maybe not.  How about the time…?  No, I already said that.  Hmmm… Maybe I could share five things and nominate ten other bloggers!

Nah, that would be against the rules.  Here goes:

Ten Facts

1. In addition to the skeleton who lives in our bathroom, I own a torso.  My kids think it’s gruesome, but I think it’s kinda cool.

2. As a teenager, I swore that I’d never get married or have kids.  Here I am with twenty-two years of marriage and five kids.

3. I once gave my baby brother an almost-year-old puppy for his birthday.  I’d carefully searched for just the right happy mutt.  Finally his birthday arrived and gifts were given at the breakfast table.   My brother could hardly believe that our parents had agreed to let me get him a dog, and was delighted.  We all rushed off to our busy day of school/work.  The only thing that made my brother happier than the dog was arriving home from school that afternoon to discover that she’d given him a litter of puppies!  I thought my parents were going to kill me.

4. Along that same line of thinking, when I was in junior high, a friend gave me two male gerbils.  At least that’s what he said.

5. I had my eyeglasses prescription made into swimming goggles so that I can see in the pool.  Truth be told, they cost less than my glasses.

6. When I was a little kid, every summer my dad would climb onto the roof of the house with my brother and me, and we’d sit up there to watch the Blue Angels.

7. I’m the oldest child of two eldest children. All of my grandparents attended my wedding, and a half-dozen years later got to meet my oldest child.  I even have a photo of my first baby with my great-grandmother.

8. I’m learning to do leathercraft.  Not very well, mind you, but I’m learning.  side note:  My entire list was numbered 1), 2), 3)… until I in proofreading I discovered that the digit “8” followed by a “)” shows up as 8)

9. The only origami I know is folding dollar bills into bow ties.

10. There are three rabbit hides in my freezer.  Someday I hope to learn to tan them.

Passing It On

I still think it would have been easier to do five facts and ten blogs.  The following blog list is made slightly easier because it looks like some of the people who I would normally name have already been given this award.  I’m was tempted to put them all out there anyway, but that’s not realistic, so here are some of the terrific blogs that I follow:

Carla, at Carla’s Corner

Tori, at Radioactive Girl

Musician, at Remicade Dream

Polly? Penguin?  at Pollyanna Penguin’s RA Blog

Amanda at All Flared Up

Leslie at Getting Closer to Myself

Again, Laurie, thank you.  I’m looking forward to reading others’ posts.


One thought on “Passing It On

  1. Socks: Wow! Thanks for the nomination (and the compliment that comes with it)! Since I have no secrets, like you, I’m not sure that there are 10 things about me that I haven’t already posted. But I’ll try. PS: You’re right on — there are some terrific bloggers out there and a great community of support.

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