Shoulder Exercise #2

At last, my tendency to be sentimental about gifts paid off!  As a little girl, I was given a baton and taught to twirl.  I’ve kept the baton all these years – and now I can use my old baton to do one of the exercises that the physical therapist recommended for my shoulders.

No, he didn’t suggest that I resume twirling a baton!  I just use it as a long stick.  If I didn’t have a baton, I’d buy a dowel at the hardware store (and maybe a couple rubber feet to pad the ends and keep them from scratching the floor).  (no need to watch the video – I just liked the visual)

Back to shoulder exercises.  This one is done prone:  back flat on the floor, feet flat on the floor, knees bent:

  • The baton lays across my stomach to start.  I started to say “raise the bar” but that sounds like arms go straight up toward the ceiling, which is wrong.  This doesn’t look anything like bench presses.  It’s more a range-of-motion thing.  I grab the bar with both hands and move both arms together (as nearly as possible) first toward the ceiling, but continue on toward the wall/floor again.  Eventually (on good days) my arms end up by my ears and the bar is resting on the floor just past the top of my head.  Return to the original position.
  • 10-15 reps with hands wider than shoulders.
  • Repeat with hands centered close together.
  • Repeat with hands approximately shoulder-width apart.

I can definitely do this more easily than I could a month ago.  If done on a weight bench, it’s possible to go past 180 degrees to get a little more range of motion.

Disclaimer:  this is not medical advice.  Consult your personal physician for diagnosis and treatment of your medical issues.


Update:  my shoulder is no longer keeping me awake at night.  This is good.  Unfortunately, it’s quite a bit short of my goal;  I was really hoping for “back to normal,” like last time I did PT.  Until things improve, I’ve rearranged my kitchen so that it’s a little easier to do things left-handed.  Back in junior high, I had broken bones that led to my learning to eat with my off-hand; that is a skill I’ve kept tuned over the years, and it’s come in handy.


2 thoughts on “Shoulder Exercise #2

  1. This sounds like an excellent exercise, WarmSocks. Thank you for sharing it; I’m adding it to my collection of range-of-motion and flexibility exercises. I hope that with a little more work, your shoulder will be “back to normal.” And I’m glad it’s no longer keeping you awake at night.

    Loved the twirling video. I was given a baton as a girl, too, but I never really learned to twirl it, and I haven’t the foggiest idea what ever happened to it. It’s great that you can put it to good use now!

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