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Family practice physicians are my favorite kind of doctor.  I freely admit that I’m biased (consider yourself warned!).  These doctors see every patient.  After finishing medical school, family practice physicians don’t promptly forget most of the information they worked so hard to learn.  The use that information to treat their patients.

Specialists have already had a ton of possibilities ruled out.  Family practice docs, on the other hand, have to be ready for anything and everything.  Cancer, broken leg, chicken pox, deliver a baby…  They really know their stuff.  They need to be great diagnosticians because they might see anything.

I have no beef with you if you have a different preference – really.  But to have mom seeing an internist and an ob/gyn, and dad seeing a different internist, and the kids seeing a pediatrician (plus running grandma to her geriatrician) means that one family is running to four or five primary care doctors.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

A family practice physician treats the whole family.  No matter who needs to see a doctor, or what the problem is, I call my PCP’s office.  He sees me.  He sees my husband.  He sees all of our kids.  He delivers babies, does vasectomies and biopsies, takes an EKG if symptoms warrant it, and he casts broken bones.  I love seeing a doctor who specializes in providing comprehensive medical care for the whole family.

Okay, what started off as a short intro got rather long-winded.  Oops.

Anyhow, there’s a new blog written by a family physician.  Pop over and say hello to Dr. Synonymous.


2 thoughts on “New Blog

  1. Thanks for your kind introduction of my blog. I confess to being a “family fanatic”, especially enjoying the family aspects of family medicine. Families such as yours add to the satisfaction of the family doctor, since we get to know everyone and have a sense of what your family is about. It’s still fun and quite varied, as you mentioned.

    We’re in a transition era in health care (two word health care is about people while one word healthcare is about money). I reflect on that in my blog, always remembering that, “Love is the drug of choice” in family medicine. Peace.
    Dr. S.

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