I’ve been feeling soooooo well, that it slipped my mind that there’s one way that I can guarantee a flare.


My Easter-egg-hunting kids got more candy out of those little plastic eggs than I used to get trick-or-treating!  And they’re generous.  “Mommy, would you like a piece of candy?  Here you go.  Oh, since you’re eating one, may I have a piece, too?”  It’s so sweet of them (no pun intended) to share.

And I ate it.  A lot.

I am so glad my rheumy appointment was before I ingested all that candy, cuz I wouldn’t want her to see me now.  She’d think the Enbrel had no impact at all.  I can’t believe how overnight I went from on-top-of-the-world to here.  My rings are back on the shelf instead of on my finger (and I was lucky to get them off without a ring cutter).  Feet, ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders… Even my back hurts.

It’s too soon for this to have any relationship to stopping the ssz.  That stuff took a couple months to kick in when I started it, and it will take a while to know if stopping it has an impact.

I can’t believe I forgot.  NO SUGAR!!

With any luck at all, this will disappear as quickly as it showed up – shouldn’t be hard to remember not to eat any more candy.

I’ll try to get a second shoulder exercise posted tomorrow.
Hope you’re having a great week!


8 thoughts on “Crash!

  1. Well – that Rheuma Dragon bites! Bummer. I didn’t know sugar could have such an effect. Do you normally avoid it on a daily basis?

    • Since I noticed a correlation, I’ve kept my sugar intake to a minimum. A couple times now I’ve forgotten – maybe I thought I was trying to eat healthily or something. What a mistake! I truly regret forgetting the real reason I was avoiding sugar.

  2. Ahh, that stinks, sorry. That’s why I decided to keep a journal, to see if there are any patterns or triggers for flares. The reliefinsite website is pretty detailed, why do they offer this? I’m suspicious. Thanks for the info. though. I spent much time looking for one before doing my own. I hope you get back to feeling good asap.

  3. Aw, [[[[WarmSocks]]]]] …
    I’m SO sorry you’re in such pain all at once. That just sucks. And all because you enjoyed more Easter candy than you should have? Here’s another [[[[[[hug]]]]]]]. At least you have a good idea as to what triggered the massive flare, so you can remember to avoid it next time.

    I hope the flare subsides as quickly as it came on. Be gentle with yourself, OK?

  4. Ugh – I’m sorry. I hope you’re back to feeling better soon.

    I find salt does the same to me, and I try to stay away from it. Not always easy, but worth it, I suppose. Like you, though, I sometimes forget!

  5. OH NO! I hope you’re feeling better soon. One of my friends says chocolate always triggers hers, but I’ve not found any dietary correlations for me yet. (Everyone seems to be different!) In fact every time I think I’ve found a pattern I keep a diary and then it turns out I haven’t found a pattern after all, but obviously with you, and with my non-chocolate-eating friend, it’s a very clear one indeed.

    Really hope this is a super-short flare!

  6. Thank you so much. What wonderful people you are. I’m almost back to normal (if there is such a thing). Just a little sore plus a bum shoulder. Maybe I need to post “NO SUGAR” signs in my kitchen in case I forget again.

    Sorry I didn’t get the PT exercise posted Thursday, but it’s up now. I’m going through internet withdrawal as I try to rehab this shoulder!

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