I’ve been feeling soooooo well, that it slipped my mind that there’s one way that I can guarantee a flare.


My Easter-egg-hunting kids got more candy out of those little plastic eggs than I used to get trick-or-treating!  And they’re generous.  “Mommy, would you like a piece of candy?  Here you go.  Oh, since you’re eating one, may I have a piece, too?”  It’s so sweet of them (no pun intended) to share.

And I ate it.  A lot.

I am so glad my rheumy appointment was before I ingested all that candy, cuz I wouldn’t want her to see me now.  She’d think the Enbrel had no impact at all.  I can’t believe how overnight I went from on-top-of-the-world to here.  My rings are back on the shelf instead of on my finger (and I was lucky to get them off without a ring cutter).  Feet, ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders… Even my back hurts.

It’s too soon for this to have any relationship to stopping the ssz.  That stuff took a couple months to kick in when I started it, and it will take a while to know if stopping it has an impact.

I can’t believe I forgot.  NO SUGAR!!

With any luck at all, this will disappear as quickly as it showed up – shouldn’t be hard to remember not to eat any more candy.

I’ll try to get a second shoulder exercise posted tomorrow.
Hope you’re having a great week!