What an awesome day!  Recently I’ve reviewed my notes from this past year’s doctor appointments.  Those notes typically contained ever-growing lists of joints that hurt.  In making my notes for this most recent appointment, I realized just how much better I’m feeling.  My feet don’t hurt.  My ankles don’t hurt.  My knees don’t hurt.  My neck/throat isn’t swollen.  My elbows don’t hurt.  My wrists don’t hurt.  My hands don’t hurt – I’m even able to wear my wedding ring again.  Best of all, I have tons more energy.

The checkup with my rheumy went well.  I’ve been feeling so much better that I didn’t realize there were still some tender spots, so was surprised that she found a few.  Maybe that serves as a reality check – no cure, just symptom control.

Since it looks like the Enbrel is working so well, I get to discontinue one of the other DMARDs.  I love the methodical approach so we know what works and what doesn’t.  We’re not making major changes – just one medication adjustment at a time.  Given the side effects I’ve experienced with sulfasalazine, I am overjoyed to announce that I’ve taken my final one of those horrid things.

As a bonus, this means eliminating six pills every day.  Reducing the pill count is nice, but no more side effects will be great!

Thank you for reading.