Database Update

In an attempt to make it easier to keep all my information together in one place, I’ve been working on my database.  Finally.  This new version of Access has some cool features, but it’s meant that I’ve had to learn how to use the software all over again – quite the lengthy process.  Once the whole thing is working, it should be easy to print a year-end report with all the info needed to figure out if we can deduct medical expenses on our taxes.

The database will track everything I’ve been keeping on spreadsheets.  It’s easy to get information for the entire family, or for just one person.  Or whatever other way I want to filter the data.

Currently, when I have an upcoming doctor’s appointment, I prepare in advance.  I have a little form on which I list the questions that I want to ask the doctor, as well as any symptoms that I need to bring up (pictured here).  This form also has a list of my current meds.  During the appointment, I jot notes (otherwise I would forget the answers to my questions, making the whole routine less than satisfactory).  Later this form gets filed with all my other appointment notes and makes a pretty good record of what’s occurred.

That form can now be done from my database and printed out just before an appointment!  After the appointment, notes can be entered to keep it all in one paperless location (except I’ll probably continue to file the paper version).  Or, I suppose if I had a doctor who sat and typed into an EMR during my appointment instead of looking at me, I could take my laptop and take notes directly into the computer 🙂  But my rheumy looks at me, so I wouldn’t do that to her.

Everything I initially said that I wanted to do is now done.  There’s one glitch that I’m trying to resolve – only occurs when there are multiple doctors appointments in a single day, and it’s driving me crazy.  Other than that, I’m happy with how it’s working.

Over the weekend I decided to add more features, so there’s more work to do.  If there are any bells and whistles that you’d like added, now would be a good time to speak up!

WordPress says there are no writing errors in this post.  That can’t be right!


4 thoughts on “Database Update

  1. Can you keep track of meds and dosages within this database, too? That’s the only other thing I can think of, WarmSocks. This really sounds great!

    • Yes. That’s the bug – if there are two doctor’s appointments in the same day, then every med is listed TWICE. It’s driving me crazy! The rest of the time, it works really well.

  2. This sounds great!

    I was actually combing your blog today in preparation for my rheumy appointment tomorrow morning. I have so much I need to communicate to her, and I wanted to be sure I do that efficiently and effectively. Now I’ve got a clear, less-than-a-page list of symptoms and issues I need to discuss.

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