Doctors & Patients

Links to a series written for patients.  Good background info – although those reading this blog have probably already figured a lot of this out, it’s nice to have an occasional reminder:

Part 1:  When doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with a patient

Part 2:  What doctors do when they don’t know the answer

Part 3:  How doctors allow bias to affect patient care

Part 4:  Help doctors to best care for their patients


3 thoughts on “Doctors & Patients

  1. That was a good series, WarmSocks. It’s good to have an idea how doctors think when presented with a patient’s illness. Thanks for recommending it.

    Also — How are you? How’s your shoulder doing? Any improvement since you’ve been wearing a sling and NOT rowing boats? Thinking of you … :o)

    • Glad you liked the series 🙂

      My shoulder… well, it’s definitely still there. I’m not wearing a sling any more (it made things hurt worse). Also not rowing boats or pushing vacuum cleaners 😉 Extending my arm to work the computer’s mouse is one of the worst things I can do to my shoulder right now, so I haven’t been spending nearly as much time on the computer. Thanks for asking.

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