Pain Scale and PT

We already knew that the little smiley-face pain scale was useless.  Someone drew a new one!  It’s definitely worth checking this one out.

That pain scale has nothing to do with what’s going on with PT, but I couldn’t resist passing along the link.  On the PT front, that’s how I’m spending this month.  Why?  When I saw my PCP, he ordered an MRI of my shoulder which showed bursitis, tendinitis (I’ve seen this spelled both with an I and with an O – take your pick), a bursa tear, some rotator cuff tears, and further deterioration of the OA in my AC joint.  Ah, well, that explains why my shoulder hurts.

Dr. PCP referred me for physical therapy.  The guy I’ve seen before was full, but his partner had an opening so I’ve been seeing him instead.  Nice guy, different approach.  I’m scheduled for twice a week over the next month, which will use up half of my allotted PT appointments for the year and results in way too many medical contacts for the first quarter of this year.

  • January:  one doctor’s appointment
  • February:  one scheduled, but the rheumy got sick and cancelled.  Sorry she was sick, but I got a whole month with no appointments of any kind, which I’m thrilled about
  • March:  two doctor’s appointments already, plus another one scheduled for the end of the month, plus PT twice a week all month

PCP asked if I need anything else for the pain.  Not a chance. Which means that the pain makes me in not such a good mood lately.  Feldene and tylenol combine to make things nearly tolerable.  I don’t do so well with the stronger drugs.   My attitude about all this really sucks, and I’m tired of trying to find something to be positive about, so I’ll keep the posting light so as to spare you from my negativity.

Once I’m in a better frame of mind, I’ll post about some of the exercises I’m doing to regain my range of motion.
Thanks for reading.