Quick Update

 At my last appointment, I would have mentioned to my rheumatologist that my shoulder is getting worse, but she got sick and cancelled.  This means I had zero appointments with any medical professionals during the entire month of February.  Woo-hoo!

I finally phoned my PCP last week, who is guessing that the rotator cuff tears are worse.  He sent me for an MRI and I have a follow-up next week.  For now, my arm is in a sling.

The sling helps my shoulder and arm both relax and feel a bit better, but also makes it kinda hard to type.

In other news, spring seems to have arrived.  The weeds have a huge running start on me, and it only took about thirty minutes out in the garden to realize that there’s no way I’ll get caught up.  I phoned a friend who’s between jobs, and am paying her to do my yard work.  She made a ton of progress this week, but it will probably take her two more weeks to get it all.  With any luck, I’ll be able to stay on top of things.  She’ll be pulling out high-maintenance plants and then I’ll replace them with low-maintenance things.  I’m partial to plants that look nice, don’t require a ton of work, and provide food for my family.

My husband replaced the panels that my greenhouse lost in the last two windstorms, so now I’ll be able to start seeds.  The corn and tomatoes do so much better if they are planted in the greenhouse now, then put in the ground as 6″ plants in May.  We found a 50% off coupon in the paper, so I went shopping yesterday and spent $32 on seed packets.  It’s going to be a big garden!  Yes, I am optimistic that my shoulder will eventually feel better so that I can harvest all this food when the time comes.

Have a great weekend!