Someone Gets It!

We had company the other day and ended up discussing a topic that led to more questions than answers.  Wanting the facts, we decided, “Let’s google it!”  I love having information so easily available.  We headed to the computer in search of an answer.

One thing about my computer is that I tend to start something, then get interrupted.  Okay, that’s life in general, not just the computer.  Anyhow, I’d left my browser open, which means that our guests saw that I write a blog.  Why would anyone blog?  What’s the point?  Isn’t that like publishing an online diary?

I hope not!  It’s a little hard to explain.  I quickly clicked through to my family’s blog – where distant relatives can see pix of my kids and read more about what everyone is doing than the one-line status updates permitted on Facebook.  Much like I suppose my mother wrote letters to her parents and grandparents, I can write about my family’s doings.  The difference is that I don’t drop letters at the post office; I post them online for all the family to see. I have cousins who do the same.  Much to my children’s distress, I can post video from music recitals, too.  Our guests agreed that was a cool application of technology to help family members keep in touch with one another.

I mentioned this blog, too, but didn’t show it or provide a link.  As you know, this blog is different.  Partly, it’s a way for me to deal with a horrible diagnosis without dumping all over my family.  Partly, it’s a response to the dearth of first-person accounts that were available when I first was referred to a rheumatologist (there has been quite an explosion of patient blogs since that time).  Wonderfully, it’s become a way for a number of us to network and find others dealing with similar issues.  There’s another aspect, too, that’s hard to explain.  Doctor D gets it!

Anonymous blogs allow people with medical issues to express their minds with a candidness they are rarely able to display face to face with their doctor or nurse.

Exactly!  I can say stuff here that I’d never say to my doctors.