Spring Babies

Today’s post has nothing whatsoever to do with RA, doctors, meds, or the usual topics on this blog.

Our first calf of the year arrived! 

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8 thoughts on “Spring Babies

  1. Awwww. Baby calves are cute as can be. What breed is that, WarmSocks? Were you there for the delivery? How many more are coming? I wanna know… :o)

    • We have a mixed herd. The pictured calf is Hereford X Angus X Brahma. My assistance was not needed for this delivery, thankfully, but the season is just starting. I’ve had to pull one calf a year for the past three years and my shoulders just aren’t up to it any more! It’s a pretty cool experience, though. 🙂

      We should have another calf any day now. One of the cows was down this morning – very scary. We had a vet out, and he got her up and moving (saved her life), but she’s not ready to deliver yet. Eight more cows to go after that.

      The cows usually go hide in the woods to calve, so we have to go hunting for them when one turns up missing. The photo (above) standing in the trees shows the calf only one hour old. I’ll probably post every time another one is born. It’s pretty exciting 🙂

  2. So sweet! I love calves. The farmer who owns the land that backs up my parents’ property keeps beef cattle and so we have a pasture full of cows and calves next door every spring. It’s so much fun to watch them.

    How exciting for you to have a little one and another on the way so soon!

  3. Cute! But what a lot of work! I don’t know how you manage to do it with RA. How big is the herd and what other animals do you have?

    • I can’t keep track of how many cows we have because it’s constantly changing – usually only 15-20. I help round them up when they get out (not too often), but haven’t had to feed in years since I have kids who enjoy doing that. Other animals: my kids have horses; I’m starting to feel enough better that I’m thinking of looking for one for me to ride, too. We have three alpacas, and I raise ducks for their eggs. Our neighbors give us all the advantages of dogs without any of the work or expense.

  4. There is just nothing like the farming life! I am glad that you are feeling enough better to think of riding again. I haven’t ridden in years but oh the thought is exhilarating.
    At one point in our lives we raised sheep, over 100 ewes at the height of it, and the lambing season was my favorite. However now at times am grateful that there are not night checks and winter feedings to deal with, but I so miss the baby lambs and their leaping and dancing just for the joy of doing it. Enjoy every moment of the season!

    • I’d love to raise sheep, too. They’re so cute! I had angora goats for a while (wethers), and a couple Jacob rams, but never anything that would drop babies for us. More meat off a cow, so that’s what we stick with 🙂

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