Portable Ultrasound

Check out this announcement over a MedGadgets:  Toshiba’s Viamo Ultrasound Now Available in USPortable ultrasound equipment.  How cool is that?!

Now if rheumatology residents will learn enough about ultrasound to make it useful as a diagnostic tool, we might see those ancient x-ray machines replaced in private practice offices with something that is simultaneously less harmful and more sensitive.  Woo-hoo!



4 thoughts on “Portable Ultrasound

  1. I love this idea. While I realize that ultrasound, as it stands today, isn’t quite sensitive enough to reliably show damage/changes in the joints, that surely doesn’t mean it never will be. I also hope that rheumatology residents will clamor for training and improvements. It will be a good thing for everyone.

  2. I think it would be great too, but wonder how many would have to switch from “older” rheumy’s to really young rheumys to get that service. which kind of experience should we go for? 🙂

  3. My rheumatologist has an ultrasound machine at the office. She usually has me go for the ultrasound right before my appointment so we can talk about it when I see her. I guess I am lucky though to go to such a popular large practice where they can afford to have this. I had no idea it wasn’t common for everyone.

  4. I’ve been looking for studies to cite, but can’t find them right now. Ultrasound for RA seems to require special training, and a lot of techs/doctors don’t know how to look for the details they need.

    This seems like a good tool that will someday make it possible to diagnose early (instead of waiting until there’s damage visible on x-rays). Early diagnosis and DMARD use can lead to a much better outcome than previous generations had. Every med student learns to use a stethoscope; wouldn’t it be cool if ultrasounds were as simple and common? Probably won’t be that common, but it could certainly be used more effectively than it is currently used.

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