Small Needle

It’s hard to imagine a needle can be so tiny.  Given that it’s Enbrel day again, I took a closer look at the syringe:

Small – not quite half an inch.  I set a regular sewing needle beside it for comparison.  Then I got to looking, and thought that not only is the needle short, but the diameter looks about like a strand of thread.

Sure enough, the tip of the needle on the syringe fits into the eye of my sewing needle:

5 thoughts on “Small Needle

  1. They really are tiny.:)

    The old ones used to have a much bigger and more annoying syringe, though the needle itself was still small. I like the new version much better.

  2. Okay, Socks. Now I’m really convinced that I made the right decision to go with the auto inject. The only small needle is one that’s being used on someone else! However, if I ever have to use the regular syringes, at least now I’ll know what to expect. Thanks for sharing.

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